Take IT and Go Anywhere

Take IT and Go Anywhere

What is IT?


Did you Know?

High shool computer science classes are a great starting point for studying any of the college computing majors mentioned in this site. Ask at your school about dual enrollment classes - college courses you can take for free through your high school, so you can get a jump on your degree while saving thousands of dollars!

What is IT?

Information Technology (or IT for short ) generally refers to all of computing, but when you're talking about a degree in IT, all the different types and parts of IT are broken out into individual areas. These types of degree programs prepare students to meet the technology support needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, entertainment, energy, security and on and on.

IT professionals have a large responsibility in the work force. They select the right hardware and software for their businesses. They create and manage web sites and networks to provide a secure, efficient, and productive environment for everyone. With their valuable skills, professionals in IT make a good living solving, supporting, troubleshooting and designing both websites and networks to enhance life for everyone.*


It's clear: if you have a degree in CS or IT, you are in demand !!


Similarly, Computer Science (CS: the more theoretical side of technology work) is whatever you can think up! Work in CS gets done through teamwork and problem-solving, and is versital enough to encompass multiple interests - there's an element of CS in many more disciplines than ever imaginable.

In a recent survey from Job Outlook 2009, National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top 10 in-demand college degrees reported were:

8 out of those 10 are directly related to computer science or IT, and the remaining 2 can benefit dramatically from a background in IT.


A few challenging yet rewarding fields

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Top Ten Reasons to major in computing

1. Computing is part of everything we do!

2. Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.

3. Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world.

4. Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.

5. Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located.

6. Expertise in computing helps you even if your primary career choice is something else.

7. Computing offers great opportunities for true creativity and innovativeness.

8. Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort.

9. Computing is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation.

10. Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.

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